[18.09.14] Tree J Twitter

English trans : tenshi_akuma

Nya~! A message from Actor Jang has come.
I love you… anyway. (I… still love you.)
It’s a surprise message on Confession Day ^^
Nya~! Pesan dari Aktor Jang telah tiba.
Bagaimanapun juga… Aku mencintaimu. (Aku… masih mencintaimu)
Ini adalah pesan kejutan di Hari Pengakuan ^^

Tenshi_akuma’s note: In Korea, September 17th is Confession Day. Because if people confess their love and start to be a couple, the couple will have the 100 days anniversary on Christmas Day. It means it is exactly 100 days from today to Christmas Day.

2 comments on “[18.09.14] Tree J Twitter

  1. unti christmas, it’s a good day..it’s a 100 days…amazing(#^.^#) prince sweet smile❤

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