[Tutorial] Vote Jang Keun Suk, IU and Bel Ami in KBS Drama Award

Dear all eels, IU’s fans and Bel Ami lovers. We have an important voting to Vote Jang Keun Suk, IU and Bel Ami in KBS Drama Award. The Vote ended Dec 28th at 00.00 (Korean Time). Let’s do this vote all together.

If you already have KBS account, please login before and vote in these links
See full vote tutorial HERE

Male Netizen Award (장근석)http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2013award/vote/netizen_m/index.html

Female Netizen Award (아이유)http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2013award/vote/netizen_f/index.html

Best Couple (장근석♥아이유)http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2013award/vote/couple/index.html

For those who don’t have KBS acc, let’s register before. This is the tutorial.

First you should prepare a scan or softcopy of your identification (Passport/national identification card/driver’s license) before you register at KBS website. the format: jpg/gif/png with size not more than 100KB (recommend png format)

Then, Go to https://sso.kbs.co.kr/SSO/KBSWeb/foreign/ForeignSelect.aspx (recommend to use Internet Explorer)

Choose and click: Foreigner Living in abroad

STEP 2: Terms of Service
Click “Agree on the Terms of Service” and click “Agree on the Privacy Protection Policies”

On identification Check, you have two choices.
First choice: Passport choice and click on passport number and fill the form based on your passport information

Second choice: If you don’t have passport, don’t worry click on social Security Number. You can use your national identification card/driver’s license. fill the form based on your national identification card/driver’s license

After you fill the form and click the blue button and pop up will appear like this and click OK.

STEP 3: Fill-in Information
Just fill the form with your real informations and after you fill all the information click Register and Register complete

~On ID: The first letter must start with English lower-case letters
Example : it is belami0804 NOT BelAmi0804

Registration Complete and KBS Admins will send you an email confirmation. The subject is [KBS] Membership subscription Information
After a few days, KBS admins will send you new email confirmation. if you receive an email, the subject is [KBS] Notice on Denial of Foreigner Application and it mean, your application has not passed, please re-apply it

And if you receive an email, the subject is [KBS] Obtaining Membership and Using the Services of KBS Online and it mean, your registration success and you’re official member of KBS. and you can log in ^^

Now you are ready to vote. Please back to the top. And click the vote links
Let’s fight together! Bel Ami Fighting!!

KBS Acc Tutorial source : GeunGeun FB
Vote Tutorial Source : Chanohamtaro blog

[News/Vid] Jang Keun Suk & Team H Meraih 4 Kemenangan dalam Nico Nico Live 2013 Awards

Source: jangkeunsukforever

Jang Keun Suk dan Big Brother yang tergabung dalam unit musik TEAM H, mendominasi kemenangan dalam Nico Nico Live 2013 Awards, pada 14 Desember kemarin. Mereka memenangkan 4 awards dalam kategori artis luar negeri dan bukan pada kategori artis K-Pop. Kemenangan dalam awards ini dihitung berdasarkan jumlah pengunjung, jumlah komentar, dan time shift point (jumlah pengunjung yang ingin menonton kemudian) ketika video ditayangkan di situs Nico Nico. Simak ungkapan bahagia Jang Keun Suk saat menerima awards dalam video berikut!^^ (dimulai pada menit ke 4:15)

Awards Details:

TEAM H (Jang Keun Suk & BIG BROTHER) MV first release 24 hours special part1

The total number of visitors: 245,869
The number of comments: 519,589
Time Shift points: 10,886
The total points: 776,344

TEAM H (Jang Keun Suk & BIG BROTHER) MV first release 24 hours special part2

The total number of visitors: 248,565
The number of comments: 292,637
Time Shift points: 8,470
The total points: 549,672

Jang Keun Suk ‘Nature Boy Birthday Count Down’ event live streaming
~2nd album release countdown~

The total number of visitors: 295,801
The number of comments: 184,869
Time Shift points: 15,589
The total points: 496,259

Jang Keun Suk 2nd album ‘Nature Boy’ super preview events by fans’ requests

The total number of visitors: 217,329
The number of comments: 215,288
Time Shift points: 10,845
The total points: 443,462

Heavy Metal 24 hours special!
“NET METAL FES” jointly sponsored by several record companies
Nico Live REVOLUTION!!! 

The total number of visitors: 236,195
The number of comments: 81,986
Time Shift points: 3,651
The total points: 321,832