[01.06.16] Tree-J Twitter

English trans : tenshi_akuma

[It’s Show Time] Please check the domestic and oversea winners of the ticket on NOTICE of the official website http://www.princejks.com/! And tonight at 21:00, we start accepting the ticket application openly (from non-members). For more information, we’ll announce it later.

From JKS
Actor Jang left a message related to the performance. Please check it on the official YouTube channel.

English trans : Mandy Pan
There is not much time left for 2016 Asia Tour It’s show Time (Seoul).The format will be similiar to FM, the theme is about what you want to see, what you want to hear about JangKeun Suk. This is as requested by many of you in your message and will be less of a concert. All of you must come… See you on 2 July.

[23.05.16] CRI-J Twitter

English trans : tenshi_akuma

We are not responsible for your disadvantages (ex. application error for concert tickets held in South Korea) if you don’t contact us within the fixed time limit. Please understand this. Please make sure to try log-in before the deadline, and if you find some error occurs, please let us know!

Eels who have registered CRI-J 7th membership (http://princejks.com ), but can’t log in the website, please contact us by e-mail (To: 2015cri_j@naver.com ) by May 31st.
(Message subject: CRI-J 7th log-in / Message body: ID, nickname, name)